“My Returns now are over 7.4% a month and I’m actually pushing to 8.” – Dave McKeenna, Aqua Project Solutions

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Now You’ve Got The Opportunity To Get Mentored By Hedge Fund Managers:

Watch live trades by experts and follow their strategy

  • Yes! I’m ready to STOP losing my family’s savings by risking too much on the markets and repeating costly mistakes. I’m excited to now manage my downside and start to see consistent gains by following the advice of my new mentors! The IWT Programme is great for me. I could work on it from anywhere that has Internet. I could replace my income, travel more, and finally enjoy the lifestyle of a successful trader.
What’s In Your Programme:
I’m getting weekly live group and 1 on 1 sessions with real traders who make their income from trading. I will be able to ask questions and should I choose to, make the same trades as they are in my own account. Plus, I’m getting access to a membership area full of videos for increasing my own expertise as a trader.

Last but not least, I will get on a call with a professional trader who will craft me a plan to follow based on my own needs. I will then build confidence in that plan by trading in a paper account. Up until the point I’m ready to make live trades following this plan. At all times I will have access to professionals and peers to ask questions, get support, and feedback. All this will improve my own portfolio. Making it a truly fool proof programme.

With the IWT Programme and the free bonuses, you will…
  • Create Your Fast-Track Trading Plan:
    You’ll jump on a call with an experienced mentor to craft an easy-to-follow plan. This plan is made specifically for you and takes the guesswork out of trading. It allows you to get probability on your side and gets you to your goals faster. You’ll love how stress-free trading is once you KNOW you can expect profits even after streaks of bad luck.
  • Become Unconsciously Competent:
    With your trading plan in hand, now you’ll learn to follow your success system on a demo account we set up for you. That means you can test our strategies and hone your skills without having to spend a penny on the markets. You’ll “graduate” to a live one once you’re hitting 6% - 8% profits consistently. For most students, it happens sooner than you’d think.
  • Start Your LIVE Account Without Worry:
    As you graduate to a LIVE account, you’re going to find yourself with a very GOOD PROBLEM. Your system works. You’re growing your account by 6% - 8% consistently every month. And you still don’t need to stare at your screen, stressing about the markets all day long.

    Your biggest challenge will be sticking to our system and fighting the urge to take bigger risks.

    For your sanity, profits, and freedom you must not deviate from the plan. No matter how confident you are due to your recent wins.

    That’s where our weekly webinars come in to keep you on track. Every Wednesday for 3 months, your mentors will show you what they’re doing. How they managed their multi-million-dollar accounts. What was their reasoning behind it. How it all worked out…

    PLUS you’ll see the exact trades they are setting up for the days and weeks ahead. So you can follow along and copy them for months. Soon, you’ll get the hang of it and make calculated decisions your own.

    (FYI: Nobody tells you this but trading is 80% mindset, and just 20% technical. That’s why you’ll have a mindset mastermind every other Thursday with your coach. You’ll work through the limiting beliefs that sabotage you. Then on every Tech Tuesdays, we’ll get rid of all the technical problems too. So nothing will stop you from trading like our best.)
  • Get Expert Guidance As You Trade:
    Now you no longer feel anxiety when you approach your trading platform. Most of the time, you don’t even need to think about what you’re doing. If you get stuck, you’ve got mentors you can trust to answer and guide you 24/7. You’ll be glad to be part of our support network and take calculated risks almost without a worry. You might even START TO ENJOY market swings, knowing you’re prepared to use them for your advantage.
  • Keep In Control As You Grow Your Account:
    If you don’t like the idea of monitoring your trades all day long… DON’T… because now you won’t need to. You’ll be armed with the same “set and forget” system used to power my £36,000 per month trading business. Plus the expert guidance of a successful hedge fund manager.

    If monitoring the market all day is your thing, all good… But you won’t be tied to it!


  • Bonus #1: Weekly And Bi-Weekly Webinars, PLUS One Private Consultation:

    We’ll work together for a full 90 days to get you trading with consistent profits.

    You’ll be amazed how much you can grow as a trader in just 90 days when you surround yourself with the right people. You’ll have up to 3 opportunities every week to get your questions answered. Plus you can take the spotlight and get more 1-on-1 time with your mentors through hotseats. (Other traders spend thousands on this service alone, now it’s yours as a free bonus!)

    Me, Raymond and Andrew will attend the webinars where you can talk to us directly like we’re at a Workshop. Plus you’ll have our support staff available at all times through phone, email, and our secret groups. You can ask unlimited questions, ask us to review your strategy or give you advice whenever you like.

    FYI: This is a £12,000+ real-world value. That’s how much clients pay us to attend our workshops and have full access to me and my team for just a few days. You’re going to have direct access up to three times per week for 90 days.
  • Bonus #2: A Step-By-Step Checklist For Building Your “Money-Multiplier” Trading Account:

    Walk with us side by side as we help you make 8% per month, 10% per month or more... This checklist covers the exact steps the best traders take for consistent profits. You’ll be hand-held through every step of the way…

    Up until the point where you’ll become self-sufficient. From there on, only you’ll determine how far you’ll take your trading and lifestyle. But it all starts with completing the simple steps outlined in your bonus checklist.
  • Bonus #3: Your 30-Day Stress Free Trader Quick-Start Guide:

    As soon as you decide to join us, we’ll start your enrolment. Right away, you’ll be able to open an account with our regulated brokers and start to trade.

    This guide shows you the stress-free way of trading with all the right systems and rules to follow. Take us on a test-ride without risking your hard-earned money. Learn by doing and become unconsciously competent by the time you switch to a live account.

    Many students are astonished how stress-free trading can be. They just have to develop their ability to hold strong trades and instantly let losses go. They become confident traders who people can turn to for advice.



Money Back Guarantee

Try the IWT Programme for 14 whole days. We know you’ll love it all: The videos and books… the mentorship… the live webinars. Your blueprinting session… and the strategies we teach. Our customers tell us that all the time! But if for some reason you don’t, you can just shoot us an email within 14 days and we will take care of your refund.


Customer Support Guarantee

When you buy from IWT, your investment comes with premium, 24/7 support. All your trading, tech, and mindset questions will get answered within the hour. You’re never trading alone.


Freshness Guarantee

We guarantee to keep every IWT course and training up to date. When you buy, you’ll get consistent updates. The trading system and techniques inside the programme will never become outdated.

Wake Up Tomorrow With A Proven System And A Community To Support You…

If you leave this page now, you will wake up tomorrow to the same life you’ve always lived.

The alarm going off. The commute to work. Your 9-5. Little time left for your friends and family by the end of the day. Without any new hope on the horizon for a relaxed life of freedom and abundance.

But when you DO invest in this system, then tomorrow will be different.

Tomorrow, you’ll be surrounded by expert mentors and have a proven system to support you.

You’ll wake up and have the blueprints in your hand to start trading successfully. You’ll have access to your mentor and support staff 24/7. You’ll have your demo account dialed in and ready for you to trade with the new strategies you’ll learn.

If this training keeps you from losing money on trades, it will more than pay for itself.

But that’s just the beginning. Once you master the ability to take calculated risks on the market with confidence? There’s nothing stopping you from living your dream lifestyle.

This could replace your main income and allow you to be free.

Results From Past Clients...

This Stuff has transformed my trading. I’ve been trading live all the time. My weekly profit has gone from about £500 to £2000 over the last 3 weeks. You guys know your stuff! Thanks to you all!! – Richard Mallock

When I first started, before I got involved in this, there were no monthly returns. It was basically getting a bit of money to get you going and then losing your money. My returns now are over 7.4% a month and I’m actually pushing to 8.– Dave McKeenna owner of Aqua Project Solutions

I think it’s been a blessing in disguise to come across Dale. Obviously, I’ve been trying to find somebody like him but I’ve been failing. I’ve never actually felt at home until I’ve come across him, so I’m really enjoying the programme. – Stanley Nkommo

The programme’s really helped me by the fact that I didn’t have any background in trading whatsoever. Once I started immersing myself in the teachings of Dale, the Masterminds, and the course, it went from zero to hundred. – Julian Zaluns owner of Eastern Gas

It makes me feel pretty good because first of all, I need to do something but I’m doing something that makes me money and gives me better life and more time with my partner. – Henk Niermans owner of Mentereos Automotive

Not every time you can get a one-on-one support from your mentor, showing you the education and telling you step by step what to look for in a trade and all that, so it’s just about the dedication that Dale is giving. – Rodolie Maranion

The programme is fantastic because it’s very in-depth and you write down what you’re doing and you’ve got a record of everything you’re doing so you can look back and improve on it. – Rafiul Ansari

One of the best things about the programme is that Dale has made himself completely available to me in several different ways. We’ve got a website setup, we’ve got a Facebook setup specifically for our group, I have his cell phone number, I can text or call him anytime I need to, and we have “Tech Tuesdays”. – Mike Mitchell

At this very moment, with profit 7.9%, I’m quite happy. I do intend to grow upon that, I don’t see any reason why not as this is a very focused training and within it are the strategies as well so you’re not just learning how to do things, you are actually within the training with the strategies that you’re taught. – Steve Bullock

I think The Masterminds are absolutely brilliant because even though the first day I went on it seemed a bit over my head, now I can see the benefit if them. When I simply go through the programme, I can hear your voice – I’ve already heard it from you and I’m “hearing” it again and it goes in better. – Bernadette Hogan

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